Be Challenged
and Live
Your Dream

Some people were born for the stage and get excited at the thought of judges critiquing their skills. Still others are motivated and challenged by a big deadline that drives them to achieve success. And then there are those that just love a good excuse to wear those amazingly beautiful Ballroom and Latin costumes and suits! For these dancers, our competitive programs are just the answer! By adding choreographed routines to your repertoire of social dance skills and performing regularly in new environments, your dancing is fast tracked to a whole new level of skill and confidence.

Arthur Murray has a variety of events throughout the year to keep your journey endlessly exciting:


This is usually where the process begins. A Showcase is a semi-formal event held in conjunction with all of our Greater Boston Area studios in a nearby hotel ballroom. In addition to the opportunities to dance prepared mini routines with others on the floor, many students prepare a solo routine to a specifically chosen piece of music to be performed with their instructor or their partner. Always wished you could be on Dancing with the Stars? This is your chance for a show of your own!

Mini Comps

Also held with our Greater Boston Arthur Murray family, this is a one day competitive event complete with full costumes, judges, and a number on your back (or your partner’s back if you’re in one of those gorgeous gowns that we wouldn’t want to disturb). Mini Comp allows you to dance among others at the same level and in the same age category and walk away with a clear picture of what’s working in your dancing and what you desire to improve.

Dance O Rama’s

Held in some of the most fantastic cities around the world, Dance O Rama’s are a true dance immersion experience. Three days of competitive dancing and spectating causes students to emerge with over 25 private lessons worth of learning all while having the most fun you can imagine with an expanded Arthur Murray family and beautiful hotel accommodations.

Superama & World Dance O Rama

These 5 day dance vacations are described by our students as a “once in a lifetime, an event I’ll never forget” experience. Superama and World O Rama are Dance O Rama’s sponsored by Arthur Murray International and attended by studios from all over the world in the grandest ballrooms. There is no better way to catapult your dancing to new heights and with new found confidence.

Our certified, professional instructors will get you dancing within the first 10 minutes of your lesson and will help you stand out on the dance floor as never before.

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